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Clayton was living his dream. He had fame. He had fortune. He had everything he thought he ever wanted, but something got in the way of him totally immersing himself in his Hollywood lifestyle…his conscious.
While he was in New York City working on Another World, an innocent woman, who was jogging late at night in Central Park, was brutally raped and almost killed. She would become known as The Central Park Jogger, and her story touched everyone in the world…especially Clayton.

One day, as his limousine was driving him home from the set, he saw a group of Guardian Angels walking up Eighth Avenue. Many people spoke about how they wished they were in the park on that fateful night, so they could’ve helped the jogger, but Clayton knew they wouldn’t have done anything if they in fact were there.

The sad truth is most crimes have many witnesses, but most people are too afraid to get involved. So they do nothing, and let criminals get away with almost anything…even murder. At this moment, in his limousine, Clayton had an epiphany which would change his life forever. He would secretly become a Guardian Angel.

For those of you who are not familiar with The Guardian Angels, they were a group of people who got together to patrol certain troubled neighborhoods in New York City. They physically stopped drug dealers from selling on the streets, playgrounds and parks, and performed citizen’s arrests against muggers and thieves. They were known for wearing red berets and white t-shirts.

Clayton lived this double life for quite a while, until People Magazine found out about it. Clayton feared he would lose his job on Another World because of the morals clause in his contract, but Executive Producer Michael Laibson stood by him. The press then began to refer to Clayton as, “Actor By Day, Hero By Night”. Clayton would continue working with the Guardian Angels for more than a decade. In that time, he arrested drug dealers, stopped muggings and even closed down a few crack houses.

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