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Clayton came back home to Philadelphia to start a production company. He felt there were many talented people there who never got a big break, and Clayton wanted to give them one.

Clayton starred in a film with Vivica Fox, which was directed by Bill Duke called, Cover. It was shot entirely in Philadelphia, and employed many deserving local actors and crew members. His dream of starting his production company seemed to be going well, until he came face to face with the corruption in the tri-state area of Philadelphia.

Clayton was driving his SUV in New Jersey, when an undercover state trooper, who was FOUR TIMES OVER THE LEGAL LIMIT OF ALCOHOL, hit Clayton from behind. The impact made Clayton’s vehicle flip, and end upside down in the middle of the highway.

The state troopers rallied behind their comrade. Instead of arresting the drunken state trooper, they wrote a fake name on the police report for him, and arrested Clayton Prince on a fictitious felony charge. It would take years for Clayton to prove his innocence.

For one year, Clayton was not legally allowed to leave the state as a condition of his false parole, but this didn’t stop him from working toward his dream. He wrote and produced a TV pilot about a man from Philadelphia who owned a record label, but the mother of his adult children was constantly trying to gain control of the record label. It was to be a primetime soap opera, and he asked a famous director from Philadelphia named Lee Daniels to walk it over to the network for him (since his parole prevented him from doing it himself). Clayton never heard from Lee Daniels again, but was shocked when Lee was publicly called a genius when he allegedly wrote a TV show about a man from Philadelphia, who owned a record label, but the mother of his adult children was constantly trying to gain control of his record label.

Even though experts and reporters thought Clayton had a strong copyright infringement case against Lee Daniels and FOX, the judge threw the case out, and never let Clayton have a trial or day in court. Clayton talks about this in detail in his new Comedy special on Tubi TV called When Life Gives You Lemons.

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