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After witnessing so much corruption in Philadelphia, Clayton Prince once again had another epiphany. He decided to run for City Council At Large.

On his own, Clayton Prince has made citizen’s arrest in his hometown, and physically took two illegal guns away from criminals on the streets. Enough is enough. Someone has to do something, and Clayton Prince believes he can be part of the solution.

Therefore, Clayton Prince is asking for your support and vote for City Council At Large so he can do more than just citizen’s arrest. He is running on the idea and platform of the Latin phrase, E Pluribus Unum, which means, From Many Comes One. We all must come together to make this city live up to its potential.

We can’t think of ourselves as Black or White, Rich or Poor, Jew or Gentile. We must see ourselves as Human beings and as Philadelphians. Help him, help the city.

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